Maintenance Contracts

Whether you are a landlord with 1-5 properties or a big office with 300+ employees, things always go wrong.

You then have to spend time and effort calling round local trades people or hoping the one you do have can complete the job at hand or is available at the time.

With Lyall Property Services you have a one stop shop to fix 90% of any issues you have. With a large skill base in multiple trades it means you only need to call out 1 person to fix a number of issues.

Combined with a preventative maintenance program you can be assured to keep your costs to a minimum and your assets in excellent condition at all times.

Packages available for different levels of support from a basic call out to a full maintenance program, just contact us to discuss your options. 


Landlords, don't forget every time you change your tenant the dwelling must have a periodic inspection completed otherwise it does not comply with the law or even worse your insurance will NOT pay out. Why not include the call out service for any ongoing repairs to your property to get bigger discounts

Contact us now to discuss your options and pricing for all your properties. 

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